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Thinking about your funeral is a difficult thing to do. Congratulations for making it this far. GYOW is for the many UK citizens who simply want a practical and affordable funeral. We are here to help you and those closest to you save money with our prepaid funeral plans.

  • Choice of 5 Flexible Plans
  • Peace of mind for your Family
  • Option of No Deposit*
  • Plans are transferable
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from £16.00 / month*
• From £1795 to £1895
• Payment plans from 12 to 180 months
• Deposit £250
• Over 180 months*



from £22.00 / month*
• From £2390 to £2595
• Payment plans from 12 to 180 months
• Deposit £250
• Over 180 months*



from £34.00 / month*
• From £3475 to £3595
• Payment plans from 12 to 180 months • Deposit £250*
• Over 180 months*



from £37.00 / month*
• From £3745 to £3995
• Payment plans from 12 to 180 months
• Deposit £250
• Limousine and service included
• Over 180 months*



from £40.00 / month*
• From £4045 to £4195
• Payment plans from 12 to 180 months
• Deposit £250
• Two limousines and service included
• Over 180 months*



You can trust us to take care of you and your family.

Funeral Plans you can trust

GYOW funeral plans give you and your family complete peace of mind that your personal wishes are carried out.

We work together with Funeral Plan Providers who are regulated by the FPA (Funeral Planning Authority). This means we follow the correct guidelines to provide a funeral plan you can trust.

We offer a range of services that are designed to make the funeral process as hitch-free and financially convenient as possible for family and loved ones, while making sure that the wishes of our clients are respected.

A personal remembrance

Your funeral,
your way.

Create a fitting tribute that will reflect your passions and unique personality. It's as simple as playing your favourite music or holding an outdoor service.

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Did you know...

Families are taking on debt to pay for funerals. They often have to resort to credit cards or personal loans to pay the considerable bill for a loved one’s funeral. With nearly ten million households in the UK having no cash savings, many poorer families could even face the nightmare scenario of having no money to lay their loved one to rest. Source: SunLife - Cost of Dying report.

Average Funeral Cost Today

Planning ahead can be a smart financial move. By fixing your funeral costs at today’s prices you can potentially save your family thousands of pounds.

Average Burial Cost Today

Making your funeral arrangements in advance will also save your loved ones from the stress of planning your funeral at an already emotional time.

Average Cremation Cost Today

In addition to standard crematorium fees, there are additional costs such as cremation urn, doctor's fees and cost to bury ashes in a cemetery (if you wish).

Why choose a prepaid funeral plan?

  • It can reduce the financial burden on your loved ones
  • You can specify the format of your funeral and what it should include
  • If you put money in a savings account there’s no guarantee that your savings will have grown to cover the cost of a funeral in the future
  • Flexible payment options allow you to pay the way that suits you
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Frequently Asked

Why take out a funeral plan?

Whether a bereavement is expected or not, things can be very hectic, with lots to think about and many decisions to be made. A funeral plan in this situation helps alleviate stress and uncertainty, and eases the financial burden on those left behind.

How does the GYOW funeral plan work?

The GYOW Funeral Plan works in the same manner as most: Payments made by the plan holder are placed in an independent trust fund, with Sterling Trust Corporation Limited. The fund, which is managed by TJM Partnership, is fully complaint with all current legislation, as set out under the Regulated Activities Order. When the plan holder passes away and the death is reported, monies are released from the trust fund and paid to the funeral director, who provides the services covered by the customer’s chosen plan.

Can a GYOW funeral plan be transferred?

In summary, yes, GYOW Funeral Plans can be transferred from one person to another. However, this would require the establishment of a direct line of communication with us in order for the required adjustments to be made. Should a loved one pass away and you do not have the funds, you have the option to use your plan for them, however you would need to take a new plan out for yourself.

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